There better be a special place for the frontend dev I just replaced. All this absurd html, angular and css obsolete code everywhere 😩
Who other than none-devs uses bootstrap? And who makes a layout, using only 11 columns and shifting it 1 to the side? Whyyyy

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    Never just a fever for his old work..
    Who knows what the PO demanded
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    I use bootstrap and I am a dev.
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    Why? Well if hell is full the evil will wander on earths surface.
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    I like bootstrap and AngularJS. Not everybody needs the alpha version bleeding edge frameworks released every day as ******.js or ******native, you know. Now here comes: for some jobs I would even use jquery! You can throw the stones now
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    You are perfectly correct - and bootstrap does it job. I just mind the bloatedness and the "we don't know better and whatever works" attitude. They're a quite big company, but uses some of the same tools as we dumped using after the introduction in school. And I am nowhere near a senior pro dude, which is why I think it's bad I know better (not that all I do is the only right)
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    @critnukes whenever you feel like dumping all the legacy crap and starting from scratch, think again what makes your customers pay your company, which pays you.

    Hint: you don't sell the spaghetti code but the service it provides.
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