Texas jokes time!

M16: Jams when dirty
AK-47: Works when dirty
Mosin-Nagant: Wasn’t clean since issuing in 1932

M16: You’d rather die than break your expensive rifle in melee
AK-47: Your rifle works good in melee
Mosin-Nagant: Your rifle is a spear that can shoot

M16: 40mm grenade launcher is heavy, but is accurate up to 200 meters
AK-47: If something goes wrong, you can throw a 40mm grenade into the window yourself
Mosin-Nagant: Throwing grenades into windows? Shoot through the wall, your cartridge penetrates one meter of brick

M16: You can use a suppressor, a small bullet doesn’t make much noise
AK-47: You can use a suppressor, but it’s better to spray and pray
Mosin-Nagant: You don’t need a suppressor — everyone will go deaf after the first shot anyway

M16: More complex than some aeroplanes
AK-47: Used by countries that have no money for aeroplanes
Mosin-Nagant: Was used to shoot down aeroplanes

A favourite drink of the user:
M16: Whiskey
AK-47: Vodka
Mosin-Nagant: brake fluid

M16: Makes a small hole, obeys the Geneva convention
AK-47: Makes a large hole, doesn’t obey the Geneva convention
Mosin-Nagant: One of the reasons for the creation of the Geneva convention

M16: Perfect for shooting squirrels
AK-47: Perfect for shooting enemies of the State
Mosin-Nagant: Perfect for shooting armoured personnel carriers

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    Never had the pleasure of firing a Mosin-Nagant.

    M16 regularly. AK-47 a couple times.

    And all of it is mostly true.

    I guess it's a result of cold war mentality.

    The AK indeed feels, and is, more primitive, but it just fucking works. No matter how you mistreat it, or even if you cobble it together from random parts. It's truly a magnificent piece of engineering.
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    @CoreFusionX Mosin-Nagant takes it one step further by the virtue of being a bolt-action rifle — it's very simple, not much can go wrong
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    Since the M16 was NIH, the Army brass the turns per foot from 7 to 12. So an Army helmet could be fully penetrated at 600 yards and 60 degrees below zero. Pretty nifty spec, no? In Vietnam the rifles jammed a lot. The brass blamed the soldiers for not keeping the rifles maintained properly.
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    @30hrs I posted about it here
    AR10/15 rifles were tester rigorously and were proven to be very reliable
    The problem was they were tested by special forces who knew what they were doing, and then issued to rookies
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    @30hrs the Army brass in Vietnam was on something. They accepted the M16 without a chrome plated chambrer in the fucking tropics
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    @30hrs Doh!
    The turns per foot went from 12 to 7, the opposite of the post.
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