I need to create a very simple, 2 page website with a simple form on the first page which is processed and a results page shown. It will run on a shared hosting platform.

I've created a few of these over the years for the same client and will have more to do. They started as .NET WebForms (yes, that long ago!) and morphed into more client-side driven but not particularly flexible.

So, is there a front-end framework which will simplify my life and continue to generate accessible, cross-platform output, or would such a choice be overkill and I should keep spitting out reasonable HTML?

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    I have used Bootstrap. It seems very reliable, and easy to make cross-platform vise.
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    @610r Ah. Yes - bootstrap is a gimme. I was thinking more of the underlying architecture... do I use React/Angular/Vue and build for browser or just go with my accessible, well-formed but hand written HTML?
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