It's not a bug if a feature is working how you told me it should work but not how you wanted it to work.

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    Ah the old design change vs bug debate.

    I gave up after a while on my old team and started re-tagged bugs as feature requests and sent them on for approval.

    Moral of the story, when your bosses boss gets fed up receiving emails, he will put a stop to the non-sense
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    Luckily I have the ability to re-tag issues the way I want. Of course, so does the product team and QA.
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    @BeardedFists that's when you write some code to poll the status of the ticket and change it back.

    Dude you've clearly never played office politics as a pissed off dev.
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    That's why I always ask the requestor for actual examples and validation test cases... Everytime they don't it turns into a mess of last minute changes and hacks
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    @billgates is that what happened to Windows bill?
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    @practiseSafeHex ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ not my problem anymore... But yea comparing by the number of Windows to Mac users... I'd say pretty much
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