SM = Scrum Master

SM: "Card #130, you added a comment saying you aren't going to do update the report?"
Me:"Yea, I explained why in the comment"
SM: "Product owner wants it."
Me: "Product owner isn't the manager using it. I talked with Steve, he said the data is accurate and they have to go to the database anyway to verify the error. That report has no way of knowing the message logged could be a false positive."
SM: "That's not our job to decide. If the Product Owner wants the feature, we add the feature."
Me: "It is absolutely is our job. Steve is the user of the report. I could really care less what the product owner said. The only reason he created the card was because Steve told him a specific error logged could be a false positive, and only happens, maybe, once a month. I'm not wasting my time, Steve's time, or this project's time on wild goose chases."
SM: "I'll schedule a meeting this afternoon to discuss the issue with the product owner. Don't worry, if you can't figure out how to filter out the false positives, I'll assign the ticket to me."

fracking fracking kiss ass. I swear, if he goes behind my back again ....I... deep breath....ahhh...OK..Thanks devrant. Work place incident diverted.

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    Product owner:B...but...I asked for it. Why would you not even...? *sniff* I won't forget this! You traitor!

    SM sounded that your product owner will react like this. Hahah. A bit of soap drama
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    I find that I side with the scrum master in this case. Maybe I need more details ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    You may not like it but the PO decides what gets done. It may be wrong and Steve may be angry, but that's for the PO to deal with.

    Scrum master is right.

    Having just read your post again... I'm a bit shocked at your attitude. You are developer yes? You don't get to decide shit about what tasks get put into the backlog and actioned. I would remove you from my team for acting like that.
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    @GigaMick this

    If you care that much about Steve's report, get Steve to sit down with the product owner for a lovely chat. Problem solved.
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    It's not your decision. If you have new information, tell the PO then he can reconsider.
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    @GigaMick I didn't complete the card because it can't be done. When the service logs the data, the underlying 'problem' often takes care of itself and a human needs to make the judgment call.
    The idea of 'the system' knowing that the data could represent a 'false positive' is silly at best.
    After asking SM and Steve in a meeting (having my fingers on the keyboard)
    Me: "What can I type into the query to know this number 3 is a false positive?."
    After a few awkward seconds of silence ..
    SM:"Hmm...yea...I'll talk to the PM...there is no way to know and it kind of important someone look at the data directly. Go ahead and move on to the other cards."

    Amazing what a little critical thinking and common sense can pull off.
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