I want to be a full stack developer buh I'm overwhelmed, I don't know where to start. Kindly advice

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    Find a local coding bootcamp near you
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    There is not a single full stack dev anywhere who started as full stack.

    Choose a platform (web, desktop, mobile, gaming, whatever)

    Get familiar with the front end design Development, and some basic interaction that doesn't need a backend beyond a json file.

    Move into the backend and start adding things, replace the json file with a database of some kind, then rather then calling it directly add an API between your front end and database (welcome to micro services)

    Just keep adding to your tool set as you go.

    And bam, you'll look back one day and go, fuck I'm an idiot - now I'm a full stack dev!

    Source: I'm the fucking idiot of this story.
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    Start small, gradually you'll get better.

    Personal suggestion would be to - not think about becoming a full stack dev, or learn how to dev - think about making something you like, such as a ToDo WebApp - and try to build that.
    Trust me you'll get enough free resources from the net to do that, you'll learn the basics along with way.

    Once you have some idea you can think more about frameworks or stacks, enroll in a course...
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    @C0D4 thank you, I believe starting a web development course will do, then move to android app... I love making interactive things
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    There are many courses and videos available over the internet that are useful to learn.
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    @C0D4 haha i used to have a folder for each user with a json file of every setting :D
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    @waff there's a few paths to go from web to android dev, all end in tears though 😅

    Web is a pretty easy starting point to get familiar with UI design and getting real time visuals on changes you make.

    Although web is easy to get into, it's hard and endless to master.

    Since you want to move to Android development later in life, you could either go down the Java / Kotlin route and have a web backend built in these languages, or you can go down the Flutter route and build your web backend in NodeJS to get familiar with the similar languages.

    Once you get to a point of being comfortable with APIs and mixing different things together in more complex websites, say a weather app or a tracker for some billionaires private jet.., look at rebuilding a mobile app later in life.

    Just don't try and learn everything and anything at once, and don't use YouTube tutorials for every single thing you want to try and attempt to do.

    A lot of programming is around breaking down a design / solution and splitting it into chunks of work that you can put together.

    Oh, and more importantly - never stop learning something new!
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    @joewilliams007 it was a csv for me, but json is the modern csv these days 😅
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    Make a simple web application. Like... I don't know, you like pokemon? Make a web application to simulate the pokemon center.

    Two types of users: trainers and nurses.

    There should be a home page with a login link

    A trainer can register an account (name, mail, password).

    Nurses should be manually added in the database.

    A trainer can login

    A trainer can check-in their pokemon so they receive treatment.

    A nurse can login.

    A nurse can see a list of every pokemon that needs treatment along with the name of the trainer they belong to.

    A nurse can provide treatment to pokemons that have been checked in and mark them as treated.

    A trainer can see the status of the pokemon they've checked in, and check them out if they are marked as treated.

    Also, both trainer and nurse users should be able to logout,

    Try to keep things simple, no js bundler, no css frameworks. This isn't a beauty pageant it's a learning exercise.

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    @nitnip Also in the spirit of keeping things simple and not trying to learn everything at once, you can use XAMPP (meaning you'll be using php and mysql). It's good enough for learning purposes.

    Once you'feel satisfied with what you've achieved, move on to redo this exercise with another stack, using a fancy framework, the works.

    Node? Go for it. .Golang? Sure why not. Some things will remain the same, others will be different. Find the stack you enjoy through experimentation.
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    @waff, here's a position to be filled soon
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    Ask @anonCL to forward your CV.
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    Just fresh and neatly side by side
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    @scor I'm so fresh, do you recommend
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