Manager: We really need to save money with this project, so nobody call tech support for anything.

Me: There's this open-source solution that would work great.

Manager: Bad idea! There's no tech support number to call.

Me: ...

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    We need a Red Hat for specific OSS software. Make a standard (most distros have done this already with the pre-installed programs), and support them.

    Who wants to help me with this start up?
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    First off, our phone number will be 1-800-487-3677 (1-800-ITS-FOSS).

    We'll have support for Firefox, LibreOffice, and.... um.... I'm open to ideas
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    I'm not, I was just throwing that out there. Looks like we might have to change to a different number. What a coincidence!
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    @RiderExMachina I'm also quite a fan of Open Source Software software
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