so i am on notice period and suddenly my manager has realised that there are a lot of tasks that i have to pickup. well fuck this guy.

i was initially dumb enough to think that i leaving is a bad thing,and i should be doing everything to make the transition easier. the task was also interesting enough , as we were trying to add a new and complex feature and i was the main dev there.

so i started at full pace. i would work on my tasks for hours , even missing on my personal projects. but since last week he would keep adding new tickets in my jira boards every few days , followed by a quick huddle telling how this is a very small and high priority ticlet and i should look at that first.

and me being me, i would not only just finish those small tickets in time, but have a progress on my major feature, as well as answer doubts of other team mates and attend meetings.


i always forget how hypnotising this work culture usually get. the above scenario that i explained? i have no problem with that in a general day. i love to work, solve problems and help others. but these are no normal days, this is my fuckin notice period.

And i am here coz of a reason. if they rely on me so much, why did they forced me to relocate when i just can't? why don't they gove me a lucrative salary + worthy relocation benefits ? fuck them. i even have to serve for a fucking 60 days coz they are not willing to reduce my notice period .

fake promises everytime.
"you don't worry about different office mentioned in your offer letter. we will always keep the environment remote" ~ lie

"even if we go wfo, our company will open an office in your city too, your city is the capital and we had an office there before" ~ lie

"your notice period will get reduced, dont worry about the 60 days" - another fucking lie


notice period experts, i need some devil advice to not get exploited by a lier corp. how to utilise my notice period and what should he the excuses to not attend any nloody meetings?

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    Don't give any fucks. Do the bare minimum. Reject any meetings not involving knowledge transfer.

    What's the worst they can do? Fire you?
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    Added to list of 'why to avoid corps'
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    @DubbaThony i am in a startup
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    @CoreFusionX suggest me some good responses to following DMs

    1. hey @<myname> , please join <meeting link>

    2. hey @<myname> , why didn't you join standup call/retro call/xyz call?
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    @dotenvironment "Apologies for missing the meeting earlier but my cat deleted the boot partition on my computer." should do the trick
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    Against #1 there's not much room for replying.

    If they directly ask you to join, it should be because you are needed for something.

    Upon joining, I'd ask what is needed from me, and once provided, I'd say "if there are no other questions, I'll leave you with the rest of your agenda. Ping me should you need me again." And leave.

    In the second case:

    Nothing in the agenda had anything to do with me so I focused on my tasks instead.

    I mean, they can of course get anal and insist you attend. In that case, you can do what I do, which is just play overwatch while they pay me.
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    @dotenvironment okay well my assumption was wrong than. Sounded like corp to me tho.
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    You act professionally and motivated. Yet they give you no compensation.You don't want to burn out for them either.

    You can have a call with your manager telling him it's enough. He has to realise that they chose to do this without you. They told you not to worry about the 60 day notice; so make a plan with him to transfer everything in 30 something days.

    If they don't want to do that you can just check out, slack can be closed. You still feel obligated to them somehow. You are not. They owe you some courtesy.
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    Block your calendar ("time blocking") to avoid unnessary meetings.

    If someone asks/complains, you are focusing on high priority tickets for the remainder of your time at the startup. If they have a problem with that, they can redirect their concerns to your superior.

    Might be a good idea to post that for everyone to see and bring everyone up to speed and reduce friction?
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