Favorite affordable (<$200) beginner robotics kits?

Played around with Arduino a bit in the past, and Mindstorm, and a little vex.

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    How deep into embedded do you want to go?
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    @PRein just starting out, so I'm looking to just get a decent understanding of using sensor input to achieve a goal procedurally. I'm looking to use a microcontroller of some sort. And no or minimal soldering preferably!
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    @PRein so deep Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't want to go any farther
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    You can get a raspberry pi and buy any sensors you like.
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    On AliExpress there are some 20$ Arduino kits with a big bunch of sensors. Some soldering is required for pin headers, but that's it. They come from China and take a month or two to arrive (unless you pay a lot for EMS shipping), but it's worth the wait!
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    The cheaper they are the harder you work on them. The overpriced stuff usually has neat documentation at least. The arduino knockoffs work fine.. just that I can't stand the default IDE for it.
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