The park, under a tree. Preferably beside a lake or stream.

There can be people present, so long as they’re not too loud and don’t ask what I’m doing, hit on me, or try to chitchat.

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    @RobynCodes Tree :)
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    @RobynCodes you could pack a tarp (:
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    I was about to comment that I couldn't imagine finding the motivation to write any code in that situation, but then I remembered that I have, in fact, written code in a forest with a squirrel friend. The collaboration went great and we were both paid peanuts.
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    @RobynCodes then pack some patches, as well ;)
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    Coding outside. The rain. The wind. The sun. But aforemost the imminent lack of second screens. But yes, there where times of wfh when i took my screen and keyboard and so on to my roofed balkony. That was nice until I had to zoom call.
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    @electrineer sigh if I could only have a little squirrel buddy…
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    This sounds amazing. Now I can't wait for the Spring.
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