My gf wants to be a nomad.
I just like to code in my chosen place of work (home) and not lose focus with moving around.

I'm worried, I get anxiety if I don't find myself in places that let me be productive. I'm very much like a cat in that regard 🐈

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    I don’t get that comparison with a cat 😄
    But I agree, being a nomad seems to be too stressful.
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    Hmm, I think it’s crucial to get a work life balance and get out a bit, experience the world but stick to a good routine. If you can travel and work you can always have the quiet time in your airbnb or digs that you choose and experience the world in your downtime and socialise. Before you know it you will be old and bitter and regretting not doing other shit. Remember everything you code will one day be obsolete, but your memories will be with you and the shit you talk about when you are older. Find a way to make it work and just fucking do it!
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    The burdon of having a gf. They constantly challenge out comfort zones.
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    I have friends that are like that, they want to go everywhere all the time.

    This one in particular travels 3 times a month, i just can't imagine myself doing that, I am spent by the time the weekend comes by and the las thing I wanna do is be with a bunch of strangers in other places.
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    @AleCx04 depends on the mindset. I'm like you, my goal is to get through the day and get rest. But I also understand those to whom work is just some inconvenience they have to put up with in between the fun parts, eg traveling like crazy
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    @netikras oh yeah I totally get it. Another one of my friends is that way, she literally said to me "I can't stand this place, i recharge by not being here" and it hit.
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    It's really their purpose to challenge ones comfort zone. Heck, tonight i was taken to am event where you had to cuddle random szrangers. What the serious fuck.
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    @lensflare wtf, indeed. I don't know when i felt so uncomfortable the last time.
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    @horus I'm going to be bigoted for a second here and try to guess. Is this cuddle thing in London? I think people are kind of crazy there.
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    MLPops.. No but ppl are like this in every big city i guess.
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