Picked up an issue to contribute to OSS for a community version of a major enterprise software. Did the changes, submitted a pull request. Someone reviewed it, asked for some changes, which i did and pushed the changes.

Then after some discussion with the guys working there, we thought of making some changes to the UI. Step in the company UI guy, he makes some changes, i merge his branch into mine and submit a new pull request.

Now, a new guy comes in to review the code, who has a problem with every change THEIR UI Guy did, and negates everything the first reviewer said, and asks me to do the changes, and boy was I pissed!!

But I did the changes, updated the PR, then the first reviewer comes in again, and suggests some more changes, most of them are for the code, THEIR UI Guydid!! Fucking psychopaths!! Never had i seen such paranoid people in my life!! Educate your fucking team first!!

I one again started with the changes but left mid way!! Now, even if i want to, will not update the PR!! FUCK YOU!!

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