If Gordon Ramsay made code reviews, I would watch that show. Especially the insults he would use for handling clients.

"This code has so much spaghetti, it decided to open it's own restaurant"

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    omg that'd be an awesome show. "This software is so bad I hear it saying: Delete me"
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    @justmove hahahahaha exactly
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    10/10 would watch
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    GR: What are you? TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE!

    Coder: A hamburger icon. :'(
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    Do you see this?! Your fucking braincells are god damn null pointers.
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    Gordon: Why the f*ck did you start your array at 1?

    You Donkey!!!
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    This is raw gold!
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    Client: I just want this project done faster

    Gordon: Right, I'll get you this code faster. I'll ram it right up your f*cking arse. Would you like it whole or Object Oriented?
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    Ramsay: [makes square brackets with his hands and holds them on either side of the dev's head] "What are you?"

    Dev: "An empty array."
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    I could see @AlexDeLarge in this role as Dev Gordon Ramsay 🤔
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    You've created an infinite loop, you stupid, dense fucker!!
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    This already exists...
    Have you seen Linus Torvalds?
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    This code repeats itself so much, my computer is leaking.
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    @rEaL-jAsE doesn't matter it's funny to watch
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    @rEaL-jAsE It's funny because it's a show. It's as real as "the office" is the way offices work
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    @nachocode a lot of kitchens really do run that way dude :P Multiple chefs constantly synchronising with each other so dishes are cooked together (trying to avoid "yay my steak's done, shit where's the fries) and "the pass" which is basically code review for food before it goes out.

    It's a very hot, dangerous, time and quality sensitive environment where 1 misheard instruction can sink the whole kitchen, Tempers boil over at warp speed
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    @rEaL-jAsE Ramsay only insults people who make junior mistakes yet insist they're senior-level.

    If the person admits they made a mistake or don't know how to do something, he's really quite nice and will happily teach them. While he has high standards, he respects those who make an effort to improve. It's the lying that makes him so furious.
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    Amem sister
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    This would be my favourite thing
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    "This code has so many bugs I have to implement pesticides!"
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    Hello, my name is NINOOOOOOOOO!
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    Im just gonna leave this here

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    Wow this has 561 upvotes.

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