The day I send myself about 76k mails
> be me
> be working on a rest api
> implement an error handler that would send me a mail with exception details
> use same error handler in mail send error handler
> Summoned the recursion devil by accident
> Test error handler
> Forgot port forwarding to SMTP server
> keep the debug session open
> throw new UnexpectedInterruptionException()
> get back to work
> Add the missing port forwarding rule to putty
> The error handler starts doing it's thing
> The handler chain starts to pop
> handler after handler executes
> PCFreeze.png
> WhatTheFuckIsGoingOn.gif
> VS finally accepts stop debugging
> PhoneVibrationSpam.mp3
> Peek into webmail
> WowFinallySomeFanMail
> Look into it
> Realizing what I have done
> Delete mailbox
> Remove recursion
> Wow that's how randy must have felt in southpark
> Feel weird
> Shutdown, go outside
> What's up anon?
> Nothing, really

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    Know the feeling.

    We had a similar incident a few weeks ago and had to delete 350k+ error messages from the mailserver.

    Luckily the did not make their way into the exchange mailbox.

    Deleting that many from exchange is a nightmare ;)
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    @tobbr Ouch.

    That is something I have not seen for many years.

    It was not really that bad but it caused a lot of emails during one vacation 10 years back.
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    @tobbr wow, so did not only have a recursion, but one that grew exponentially :D
    Good one
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    Is this a picture like wht i thought? 😐
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    ++ for your writing style! But what the hell is that image for?!?
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    @tobbr had a good laugh. But shouldn't tl;dr go before the long text one would like to skip?
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    Burst out laughing at "Summoned the recursion devil" 😂
    Have my ++ good sir!
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