Devrant++ not aviable in Switzerland? Im so sad 😭

Always getting errors when I wanna subscribe.

Wanted to support dfox and trogus

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    Thanks. We've seen a few other people get this error.

    I'm not familiar with it, but searching Google, it seems like an issue on the device/Play Store end. They say to try clearing the cache for the Play Store and Play Services.

    Also, do you have multiple Google accounts on the device? Do any other purchases work on the device in other apps or ex. devRant avatar item (you don't have to buy it, you can just see if Google Play purchase comes up correctly l)
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    @dfox Resetting Google Play to the stock version worked for me.

    Strang thing, maybe a bug in the newest google play version?
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    @tarstrong yep, using a S7 Edge with Android 7.0
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    @Kushtrim yea VPN is great, but my google account is bound to switzerland and that would change nothing.

    Also Im making payments eather with my mobile provider (Swiss Carrier) or Swiss Credit Card.
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    @tarstrong thanks for that info. I'm not sure why what is. I wonder if it's something with one of the updates like you said. I will do some more research. I looked for upgrades for the in app billing module we're using but it's the latest version.

    @MoboTheHobo glad it worked, thanks! Yeah it's so weird, I'll try to figure it out but one weird thing I noticed was the error people are getting (the exact code) returns no results when I search it.
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    @devRandom tried with magisk and magisk hide etc? Google's been pushing safetynet and that other thing more lately
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    Na leckch mich doch am zückcherli
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