Hey everyone! Huge apologies for the the delay on this - devRant++ is finally working on iOS! For anyone who tries it please let me know if you have any issues and I'm happy to help solve.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us out so far, we really appreciate the great response and have more cool things coming soon, non-devRant++ things and devRant++ things, so stay tuned!

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    Super! I really want to see the next
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    I just have a question... why $1.99 are converted to €2.49 ($2.79) in Italy?
    I'm not saying is too much to support this awesome community, I'm just curious to know if it's intentional or Apple did this? :P
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    @JS96 pricing is all Apple. We just selected the $1.99 tier and they do the rest.
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    @dfox ok, no problem ;)
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    @dfox it work's :D
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    Although I'm already a supporter since the first day, I'm really glad to be one, keep working on this awesome place!
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    @linuxxx you need 900 ++ to get to 20000 :0
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    @TheDevil @dfox what about the unicorn and rainbow background?
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    Finally I can support my favorite community! Keep up the great work
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    @TheDevil He got 900 in an hour?? Did you mean 90?
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    @AlgoRythm No but he just got me to 20K 😄
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    @shozukan thanks! That was quick :)

    @linuxxx thank you, we appreciate that :)

    @billgates @trogus makes design decisions like that so would be good to ask him about those :)

    @simeg thank you, much appreciated!
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    @dfox just to let you know, in Europe it's 2.19€ on Android...of course it is OK, but a little bit confusing!
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    Whoo finally I can also support this awesome community!!
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    @dfox your fix for IOS made the payment process work on my android 7 device. My broken TV also works again, but I'm not sure yet how that is related.
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    Glorious DevRant++ supporter master race.
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