Didn't go to WWDC because of budget constraints. I spent entire week watching videos and reading about WWDC.
Server side swift will rule the internet one day!

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    @g-m-f I agree with you.
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    Swift 👍
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    You are delusional man.

    Even JavaScript which rules the internet has trouble ruling the internet.
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    I was pretty underwhelmed this year. Best thing they did was the iMac pro and even that I have not a whole lot of interest in. They said they're working on a new Mac Pro that's about all they can get my attention yet.

    The iPad interface upgrades looked good too, but to my eyes, I'm not convinced that they really have a robust and future resistant underlying framework and I'm questioning if the whole thing isn't just hacks on top of hacks. Time will tell.
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    @Dav13 What if internet is kinky?
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