Is it doable to install macOS on a hypervisor on aws/google/azure and use it via VNC screensharing?

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    Then Rsync my macbook to this cloud mac. So that I always have my mac with me even when I forgot it at home.
    That i would love.
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    I very much doubt it. Apple and their "only on our hardware" restriction would probably make it impossible.
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    @CrankyOldDev yes that i know :D
    But i would like to know if it's possible.
    Because xenserver lets you install mac OS... but i don't know if theres a cloud provider which rents you a xenserver.
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    It would be technically possible, but I don't think it would be worth it. Unless you find a host that gives you a GPU you can pass through, you would have to emulate it with CPU, which would make the OS run really slowly. Add to that input lag and possible instability of your network, as well as cost of a server strong enough​ to run it, and you will only get frustrated with the end result.
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    @killermenpl ok that's sad :(
    thank you for your oppinion on this.
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