What happens when you get bored of working as a software engineer?

3 years after starting my career as a dev, I'm already in the middle of a crisis, struggling to find motivations to stay in tech aside of the good salaries.

Don't get me wrong, I like solving problems trough code, designing complex solutions, I love software architecture. My problem goes around the jobs themselves, doing engineering for a living is just so boring, makes me feel so empty inside.

It is not the same doing something for someone else company than doing it for yours, I usually feel like I could be happier raising my own startup, immediately after that, I remember that I must stick around working for someone else if I want to put food on my table.

I have been thinking about quit and get a normal job, but money is a huge deal, i'm used to a lifestyle that is hard to backup without a salary like the ones of software engineers.

In short, I feel empty and hopeless. What are your toughs, are you going trough something similar?

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    Boring and empty inside...

    That sounds like you don't enjoy working at all.

    Either that or depression has crawled in and made itself comfy.

    Questions would be: Do you *really* like your workplace? Do you *really* like working in IT?

    Maybe it's not the software engineering position, rather your workplace.

    Maybe it's the software engineering position, cause you are better suited for a more demanding thing / another work area (database, testing, management, ...)...

    But all in all, when you're bored and describe things that sound like symptoms of depression - ask yourself what's really going on.

    Usually stuff like this runs deeper, so maybe get a shovel and start digging.

    Why/How you started, what makes your happy, what's not boring, etc.

    While money and certain life style is a thing, not become a nutcase should be more important.

    Have some 🥞.
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    Swap employer. Simple as that, find a healthy and challenging working environment.
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    Try changing your dev stack. That should give you a temporary hit of dopamine.

    Also if your salary is good then I don't recommend attaching an emotion to your job. You should get a side-hustle and make your efforts there.
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    Leave the job to someone who enjoys and enjoy life as a lumberjack, helping to robots to cut tries.
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    Also it's not like the last years have been normal years. Maybe your state of mind has not so micb to do with the job but with your experiences in a time of lockdowns, quarantine and social distancing. It's worth questioning.
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