I teach kids (7-12 years) to programming. Yesterday my colleague had the last class for this semester, where parents joined their kids to see what they done. They were presenting their projects, and a guy whose father is really strict with him, saw what variable names his son was using. Some of it (censored) are: "d*ck", "p*ssy", "f*ck". The guy is really scared of his father, because he's agressive with him all the time. I don't want to know what was his punishment for this.

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    Programming gave the kid freedom, as a create activity does. I'm not surprised at all, I hope he can find a way to express himself, and reduce his frustration.

    Anyway, I think every one of us named variables rudely, at least once:)
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    @mrtnrdl I know that feeling. Especially when the client sends a screenshot with the application's debug output visible, saying "'fuck this: request from server returned invalid obj" because someone published a development pack to production, where api exceptions were formatted in a "fuck this: {0}" template, and written to standarderror stream like this.
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    @theScientist Can't think of a better one than 'double penetration = 2d;' amd you can say it's for penetration testing purposes.
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    I once used "knock on the table 3 times and try again" as a database connection error string. Harmful enough. Except it was for our city's official tourism website, and when they changed servers, all the tourists, mayor, city officials and my boss got to see it in big letters across thousands of screens.. needless to say that i was kindly told to NEVER use messages like that in production. :P

    People dont have any sense of humour.
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    @divil shhh it's a secret :D
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