My 6 year old has been learning about trees at school, and had questions for me. Needless to say, she now has the best understanding of data structures in her class, and I expect parents evening will be "interesting"

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    Thats totally ms in like 15 years :'D
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    LOL reminds me I used to tell my son about Automata when he was a baby.
    Nothing like falling asleep to theorems 😂
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    You sure you explained the RIGHT trees?
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    So, did the school call you back? 😀
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    @honeyBadgerJeff Yes, but only because they figured out I'm in IT l, and needed help getting their printer working.
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    He better be able to traverse a tree in his sleep...
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    Most people use trees to explain data structures, but it's incredible that you went the other way. I would have loved to hear how that went.

    Daughter: "Daddy, I have a question about how trees work."

    You: "Well darling, it's very similar to a concept that you have no understanding of, but you will."
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    Thought this might have been my “stress ball” post, but looks like I fell short
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