Welcome to the upside down xD hdd temperature was 55°C before... Now 36 B-)

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    Dude, be careful... The data might fall off...
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    Is taht a RED? That boys can get hella hot
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    @Kimmax yep, WD red for nas :)
    Actually, it does! I am monitoring the temp and also during winter it never went below 32/33...ok the case is very small and fanless...but still! Moreover, the nas is 90% of the time idle during the day
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    @palecio ahahaha I'll take the risk :D (ps not too much risk though, the HDD is screwed :P)
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    Ahahahah I used to do similar things.
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    @polslinux we use reds for backup storage, 8 of the biggest next to each other and wrote to them at max speed at night. We monitor them too and they can hit 55-60C at full load :D
    But that's not an unusual thing for reds and they are fine for years
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    @Kimmax oh good, thanks for the info! I was a bit worried about the high temperature :D
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