Person who has an attention span of 3 minutes, has never done math before, and has no background in any form of code whatsoever, and will never need it:"I'm thinking about learning Python."

Me:"Go for it but it will be difficult to remain motivated."

Person:"But I really want to do this."

Me:"So did every corpse on Everest."

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    Let him. get some popcorn ready.
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    @Jop- I guess the important fact is that this person will never need it. Learning something without any background becomes harder when you're not paid for it, and don't intrinsically find it interesting.
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    You should stay positive and help that person instead. Yes, maybe it won't work out but don't make coding feel like something you need to know math for because learning simple coding stuff doesn't require any other knowledge at all. It's not like we're working with brain surgery.
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