!First rant
Started learning C programming through CS50 course.
Hello world?nope.too scared to write the program because everytime I write it, something or the other happens and I stop learning C

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    You do know that the exclamation mark reads as "not" and therefore your first line says "not first rant", right?
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    Oops.i didn't.i thought it was strange when i saw others post.will change. Thanks.
    Dang. can't do that also.
    Is there a quick learner about the way people talk here?
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    Must be a programming thing.
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    Why would you even do that? I thought hello-world programs were just to test whether the things you set up (like IDE, compilers, plugins etc) are all running fine.
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    Initiation ceremony in literally all courses?I don't know😅
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