Specs: script adds extra files to zip, take the part out that adds the extra files to the zip
Me: *takes out the part that adds the adds the extra files to the zip, tests & ships to production*
Boss: Nooooo, I wanted the remaining bits added to this other script!!
Me: ...

I mean, she admitted that she made faulty specs but it still doesn't make it any less irritating and annoying and disrupting to my autistic brain. >:C

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    This reads like a fever dream
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    @alexbrooklyn I admit I had to re-read the first 3 lines few times in order to compile it w/o errs :D. End result : Valid Rant!
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    @We3D there's just some there's just some repetition repetition
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    @alexbrooklyn my work is a fever dream. I maintain (and worst part, create) powershell scripts that should never ever have existed.

    Best part, on my first week I created a script to create my scripts and a script to create my Word documentation for me so I do this on-paper-3-day-work in less than 5 minutes and deliver it in 1½ -2 and I'm hailed as a fast worker.

    I also wrote this in a migraine. I now have migraine after effects. I do not have all the Moomins in the valley. Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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