Biggest lesson learned for me was believing some guy wearing a comb over & a fake tan who sounds like a car salesman. He claimed selling web app services to companies was no different than selling cars. It turns out that a lot of investors were not too happy that the company went under (b4 anything was released) b/c the CEO/CFO somehow managed to burn several million dollars on first class flights, cruises, 5 star restaurants, a luxury company car (for himself), hotels, etc.,. oh and even some fake tans!

Worst part about all that he wasn't even worth sueing because he had no money after all that. He even signed the 'company' car over to one of his kids!

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    That's not a sales man. That's a con man... Ow wait, ain't that the same?
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    He would have sucked as a car salesman as well.
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    @NeatNerdPrime Yep I'd say so. It just sucks cause I'll never know whether or not the program my team and me were working on for a while would of been successful or not!

    @CWins That's prolly why he's wasn't still 'running' a dealership or one his many other 'successful' businesses! lol
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