About to go on crunch to release a feature that is late. I have my own blame to put on it, as I wasted a lot of time, but goddamn.

Every time I said we'd need to take time to test for corner cases and check for errors here and there, my boss told me I need not worry about it, it's just an MVP. Then the marketing people see the feature half-ready and start suggesting their own changes. Then the idea of the project is refined and changed, a new subfeature is added, new backend business logic is added, right as I'm about to finish the original core features. They have the full product in their heads and are already selling it to people while I'm still catching up with quite a significant number of tasks. Now I have to crunch to launch tomorrow morning.

I do mainly the backend parts, but while a frontend guy who knows his CSS does components and pages, I'm the one to figure out pretty much all logic, and how to stitch said components and pages together and how to make the frontend interact with the backend. I'm supposed to do this whole thing and also deploy it all. Hell yeah.

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    Hmm familiar. Good luck!
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    That's *their* problem. If they can't settle for their vision in one go, and are unable to explain in somewhat requirement elicitable language, that's on them.

    Just keep the paper trail, and don't be afraid to call them on their bullshit.
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