A woman working at this Switzerland company emailed me asking if im interested for investors to invest in my software project. Her job is to find projects and connect the founders to investors.

Red flag 1:
Their website is absolute shit

Red flag 2:
A Switzerland based company and you can't see pictures of any of them on the website

Red flag 3:
"Lynda Marly" is her name, but she isn't listed in the team of that company shes working for?

Red flag 4:
Who the fuck uses such a corny and goofy ass gmail name "linda1478ab@gmail.com" with random numbers for professional work?

Red flag 5:
Her name is Lynda, but her gmail name is Linda?

Red flag 6:
She emailed me from lyndamarly@mail.com (not gmail), but now scheduled a google meets link via the second email (goofy gmail one), why have several emails for professional work?

Red flag 7:
Her linkedin has 0 working record history of anything -- as if she created the account just now because i asked to see it -- is it a fake account then?

Red flag 8:
She scheduled the meeting with some Similoluwa Afolabi guy from Nigeria -- a Nigerian guy for a Switzerland investment-based company?

Red flag 9:
I googled their company and cannot find 1 single record, LLC or business registry under that shitty company name

Is this one of those nigerian scams?

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    It's 100% scam, but i doubt if it has anything to do with Nigeria actually.
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    If she asks you for money to save the prince of Nigeria, make sure to pay ASAP.

    The Prince will reward you handsomely!
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    Googled the address. It looks like someone's home.
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    @tw001 is it a scam? Maybe the company is legit but the "lynda" is impersonating as if shes working there?
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    > "Is this one of those nigerian scams?"

    100%, now it depends how much fun you want to have and how willing you are to piss off criminals.

    Ask to verify this isn't a scam, demand they take a picture of themselves wearing an elf hat, smoking a cigar, and a swiss chocolate bar in their hand.

    If that works, tell them you are still concerned about being scammed and have them send a video singing happy birthday or a random (terrible) pop-song.

    If any of that works, post it back here in devrant.

    If those criminals find out you are just messing with them and find out where you live...well...it was nice reading your last devrant post.
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    "She scheduled the meeting with some Similoluwa Afolabi guy from Nigeria"

    Probably including the Nigeria connection to lend a sense of propriety and legitimacy, I would think.
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    I guess the general rule here is if someone is giving you free money, it's probably a scam.
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    @tw001 who said about giving me free money? Investors invest in return for equity if they believe the project can earn them more money
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    Domain ends in .com and not .ch

    Another flag?!
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    I don't think, they will literally say you they are trying to scam you. So i guess you will have to decide based on the in-your-face hints you already got.
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    And even if the rest was made more realistically and totally and no Red flags at all it would still be a scam. The main point is - investors don't wander around in the internet to find something to invest to. They are ones to be found.

    I guess this is basically what @tw001 meant.
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    @horus Thanks for elaborating. I wish I could put it so well as you did.
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    "So, it’s a Swiss company that only has an English website."

    Not THAT unlikely. While non of the 4 official languages in Switzerland is English, pretty much everyone in the industry speaks English and since there are so many languages in such a small country, using English isn't that uncommon. As sad as it sounds.

    Debie hemer doch di schönscht sprach, uf jede fall die vo Bärn.
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    Nah, it is totally legit. Go for it, and don't tell anyone so they don't get contacted by other projects to steal the investment.
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    How you can be sure its a Nigerian scam ?

    Did he has a call with her ?

    Does he asked her about some documents?

    You cant tell this about a person which only have a spelling mistake or two different emails?

    Its true that they are lot of companys who havea independent consultant which akt as a silent part to the company.
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    Honestly, if you can't see that this is a scam there is no way you should be on devRant. There's an abnormally high - rather than astonishingly low - level of cognitive ability needed for a career in coding.
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    @betty090 I have dozens of those emails honestly. If you want to I can froward them to you and you call and get all the money.
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