I'm gonna code today and I'm going to be productive!

*binge watches Orange Is The New Black*

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    The new season is really good.....watched the whole series yesterday now have to wait for the new series again.....❤️ Freida
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    @daarkfall Watch Sense8 too, it's one of the best Netflix originals!
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    @Milenchy not gonna lie I've been tempted by it, will give it a shot!
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    @Milenchy they fucking cancelled sense8 :/
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    I was supposed to do work on a tiny Android game but instead binged watched arrow and waiting for my windows partition to defrag :/
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    I know that. I am almost finished with S05. Best practice is to give your self an excuse. Like coping a bunch of DVDs with $ dd and converting with Handbrake.
    Makes my PC almost unusable (I guess because of I/O-Wait).
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