Nope, I haven't built a startup. I lack:

Product Idea

Basically all of what's required.

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    You also need network but it can be covered in funding section I guess. Shaking the hands of correct people makes it really easy.
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    If you need funding, just include blockchain somewhere 😁
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    Ideas are easy, go into any companies forum where folk are complaining, and listen to what kind of product they really want !

    Motivation might come from that..

    As for funding..

    First spend all your own money building the product, and then its working, and you have sold a few, visit venture capitalists who will more than happy to invest in owning 51% of your business..

    They will have a plan to big up the company and sell it to someone else in 5 years time, so you can cash out and retire.
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    Get off your fucking ass, and start doing it regardless of motivation. Bootstrap the bitch, dont be a beggar.
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    Thought it's not really about the ideas but the execution and founders. for me, the biggest problem is finding a cofounder.
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    @aaronswart cofounder to do all the shit work, while I can relax call the shots, I know the feeling
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    @jassole what you described is boss and employee. cofounders have more chance at succeeding than a solo founder. It's a statistical fact, plus, it's more fun.
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    @aaronswart well I don't disagree, but certainly hard to find like minded people who have the same vision
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