Happened to me recently 😅😅😅

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    Windows problems 😁
    Also, nice troll dot.
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    Antivirus is snakeoil.
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    I've been hearing lots of good things about this 'snake oil' - is it hard to find in the shops?
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    @WildOrangutan Thanks mateee
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    @spongegeoff Nah, pretty easy to find - Windows nowadays even comes with some preinstalled.

    And Microsoft's snake oil actually isn't worse than other snake oils. So if you really need to tick that checkbox on a compliance checklist, just stick with that (and configure it to exclude basically all the drives - so it doesn't do to you what it did to Astrasv).
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    @Oktokolo Well, I've heard that snake oil can increase your car's mpg (and horsepower), also cure most cancers and prevent covid-19. Seems like pretty good stuff.
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    Linux version: FUCK SELINUX.
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