Just because you are new from university and don't understand the stuff this oh so very important senior developer does, does not mean he is doing a good job.

Latest when he leaves the company and you stay behind maintaining and extending the project you will notice...

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    welcome to devrant!
    and yes, senior devs are senior because they made a lot of mistakes during a long time coding. sometime they clean up thier old code, but most of the time they don't.
    the juniors deal with this, until they get to be seniors, and the cycle continues.
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    The guy that worked on the app I've currently updated is a senior developer, he has worse standards than some of the new students at uni, in their first semester :/

    From the looks of it self taught, and may have never been mentored, and now works for making software for a bank :/ feel sorry for the bank
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    Okay. I get it, that my rant sounded like "newby knows it all complaints about senior", but this was not my intention.
    I know that everybody makes mistakes all way through their career and that is totally fine.
    The problem in this case was: that were not old code I saw from this senior. It was new code. So, making mistakes and not learning from them is the thing I got a problem with ;-)
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