Fabric (crashlytics) , I have to say it is helps so much when testing the iOS app, haven't gotten it to work with Android but I'd just install the apk anyways lol

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    Crashlytics is the part of my every new app. Really easy to integrate in Android as well. Simple and elegant.. love it.
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    @0xff1094ea I don't know how but this one guy that needs to use the iOS app before it's released can't follow the instructions in the email, from my end it looks like he didn't even bother opening the email.. and I can't just add it on his phone myself since he lives a couple cities away from me

    Seriously annoyed at how much effort I go to helping him and yet he doesn't seem to try :/
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    Yup that's too much annoying. If he still faces issue, guide him over Skype. It will save your time as well.
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    @0xff1094ea yup I'll try but I'm sure he'll have issues even getting Skype on his computer....
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