Ahhh DevRant, lemme tell you, having a girlfriend is great. Especially when she's there for you through possibly the toughest time in your life. Needless to say, I'd like to take on the incredible task of trying to show her my gratitude and love by using my programming prowess to make her something...

Unfortunately, I am stumped. I'm not much for art so I can't create Something overly visual for her, but I want it to have meaning. Any ideas folks? Seriously, what can I make my girlfriend? I need help :/

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    Well first, what does she *like*? Are there things she's in to that you can do something with?

    Also dude, to be honest, even if it's not good, if you make something arty/creative/whatever for her, she'll probably appreciate it anyway; the effort will mean infinitely more than the skill.
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    @Zaphod65 She's really into art. She's going to an art school, has innumerable books on art, art theory, and art history.

    A couple months back I made her something in Photoshop. It wasn't the best looking but she did love it. I know that anything I put the time and effort into creating she'll probably appreciate, but I just figure that if I'm going to put in the effort, it might as well be *good*.
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    @joehop67 do you know who her favourite artist is? That's a good place to start.
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    I read about this deep learning algorithm that could take one picture's style and apply it on another one. If you found out how to use this and rent a server for the time of calculations you could create something like both of you drawn in her favorite artist's style. I'm pretty sure she would appreciate that ;)
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    Maybe do something with an Image and Steering behavior, let us say you have a 400x600 image of her. Create a dot for each Pixel in the corresponding color and put them at the center of the screen. Now make them move to their position while drawing a line in their color. Maybe do the moving with a Physics-based model, so they overshoot, maybe orbit their point, etc.

    I don't know im not an artist
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    A small android app is never a bad choice. I've made a small memory game with tiles (stole parts of the code from web, cuz i'm a beginner). Every tile was a small image of her/me/both of us, and as a backround i have put a nice little message for her that was revealed bit by bit.
    It didn't look really good, but it served it's purpose. I've never seen her more excited regarding gifts
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