How could I only name one favorite dev tool? There are a *lot* I could not live without anymore.

# httpie

I have to talk to external API a lot and curl is painful to use. HTTPie is super human friendly and helps bootstrapping or testing calls to unknown endpoints.


# jq

grep|sed|awk for for json documents. So powerful, so handy. I have to google the specific syntax a lot, but when you have it working, it works like a charm.


# ag-silversearcher

Finding strings in projects has never been easier. It's fast, it has meaningful defaults (no results from vendors and .git directories) and powerful options.


# git

Lifesaver. Nough said.

And tweak your command line to show the current branch and git to have tab-completion.

# Jetbrains flavored IDE

No matter if the flavor is phpstorm, intellij, webstorm or pycharm, these IDE are really worth their money and have saved me so much time and keystrokes, it's totally awesome. It also has an amazing plugin ecosystem, I adore the symfony and vim-idea plugin.

# vim

Strong learning curve, it really pays off in the end and I still consider myself novice user.

# vimium

Chrome plugin to browse the web with vi keybindings.


# bash completion

Enable it. Tab-increase your productivity.

# Docker / docker-compose

Even if you aren't pushing docker images to production, having a dockerfile re-creating the live server is such an ease to setup and bootstrapping the development process has been a joy in the process. Virtual machines are slow and take away lot of space. If you can, use alpine-based images as a starting point, reuse the offical one on dockerhub for common applications, and keep them simple.

# ...

I will post this now and then regret not naming all the tools I didn't mention.

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