"Some settings are managed by your organisation"

I understand the necessity for companies to be able to remotely manage their devices, but my god, I hate working on company laptops sooo much!!

Fun fact, even Chrome can be managed! The can manage everyting. It's called Microsoft Intune. It sucks!! And fucking 45 day PW change policy! And fuck you, Windows Defender Real-time protection which I can't turn off and It's high CPU consumption. Also fuck you Microsoft Teams for scanning. Every. Single. Link. I. Click. On. From. A. Chat. Before. Redirecting. Me. To. The. Actual. Website. Always takes a couple of seconds. Waste of time. Those accumulate over time you know! AND to Windows Update! You already know what is coming next: stop force-updating while I'm in the middle of fucking meeting! I have shit to do! Another fun fact: you can postpone Windows Update by turning the clock back. LIKE PLAYING AN OLD TIME-BASED STRATEGY GAME ON PC IN 1999. (12h work best.) And this fucking weak ass VPN. WHY I PAY FOR 1Gbps WHEN COMPANY VPN ONLY 10Mbps?!! What Am I? A fucking snail! Go faster!! pls!

But, thank god, we can email shit and open attachments in Outlook.

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    Oh and I almost forgot: BitLocker! Now for a twist: I get it. I understand. You can stay. We cool. Honestly, I don't mind. You don't get my way like all THE OTHER BULLCRAP SHIT listed above!!
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    Worst thing is when you install an extension on edge and you can't uninstall it after
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    My company wants me to install some surveilance shit reassuring us that they can't see anything we do but they can wipe the data remotely!

    Best part is that they are stripping my permissions to a regular user, so anytime I need admin rights, I should ask over their software if they will please give me the permission to fucking sudo anything.

    Not installing that shit at any cost. I already have thought of leaving this shitty place and this is just another thing that pushes me in that direction.
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    Linux for the win
    Recommending Kubuntu 22.04 LTS
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    used to watch 69's in my computer laptop.
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    I use my main pc for anything but Teams, luckily our dev environment can be reached through the internet

    But whenever I go to the office, I hate having to go through 20 hoops to get shit done. We had sudo once...
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    @devJs reply with "if you can't see anything then why do you want me to install this software in thefirst place?"

    No honesty on their part => no good will on yours.
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    When you are an embedded dev and the company is using Windows firewall policies to the max with no whitelists to protect against malicious intents, but IT uses only 1 VLAN for the whole corporate network and block no websites.

    Can't program, debug, telnet or SSH onto anything without approval for fuck's sake.

    Meanwhile, dumbass from the other team is looking for a girlfriend on Craiglist with his work computer and managed to download a ransomware on it, almost jeopardizing the VLAN lol.

    And yes, it happened.
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    @nitnip I totally get you but they have excuses that most folks find valid!

    Call me tinfoil hat fool but another keyword along 'sustainable', 'climate change' and some woke bs is also 'cyber attack'.

    "If somebody stole your laptop, we can wipe it remotely!" - that's why fingerprint and passwords are along with the disk data encryption! Why not enforce that instead?

    So they do it to 'prevent cyber attacks'!

    Which is stupid as they can wipe all of our computers remotely, so imagine hacking the machine that can wipe everything remotely and just run it for everyone in the company!

    That's what I would do if I was hacker and if I knew how to do it!
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