Imagine how hard typing could be without hands.
"Look Mom!! No hands"
*bashing head on memeboard to code*
*best tool ever*

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    I got u to triple digit ++'s lol

    Also what is a memeboard?
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    when you bash your head on a keyboard it becomes a memeboard =)
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    That reminds me of this old gif!

    Source: photobucket
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    @Kryptic Return of the Rise of the Origins of the Savage Keyboard
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    Coming out: memeboard, plugs into your streaming deck
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    This made me laugh a lot harder than it should.. Thanks manπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    @Kryptic well that's escalated quickly :D
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    "OK google / Hey siri / Alexa, start new class, indent with a tab, start new method..."

    voice assistant: "Did you mean four spaces?"
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    You can write in binary with any single moveable appendage. Or two that move in one direction. - also can write telegraphs
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    @rmahey I don't have that much control over my erections.
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