Trying to explain my job to friend who don't know computers.

Friend: So what do you do?
Me: Well they call me a "DevOps Engineer", but really I am just a Release or Automation Engineer.
Friend: What is that?
Me: Well I assist developers build and deploy their code as well as write code to automated the whole process and build the virtual servers.
Friend: So you like program?
Me: Kinda...
Friend: Dude can you write an app for me, got some ideas!
Me: (blinks) no.

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    @busuu it varies depending on the company but generally managing app environments (AWS), deployment and environment automation (Docker, Puppet, Capistrano), using Jenkins to build and deploy code, source code management, and large amounts coffee / self loathing.
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    @busuu magic. It's allllll magic.
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    @vlad0ps welcome to devRant!
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    @vlad0ps how often do you devops guys do some kind of load testing or get involved in other kinds of system testing? Any specific set of tools you like to use?
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    @vertti we are involved pretty heavily with performance testing using jmeter primarily in my experience.
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    @vlad0ps got it thanks! We've been using tsung so far but perhaps the output could be nicer. I'll study your choice as well
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