Do senior roles still get tech interviews? I hope you say no and kill this practice.

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    Well ofc! Sr in one company/project/stack could be easily a mid or a jr in another.

    Everybody is interviewed.
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    Depends upon where you are. My current boss said something like "if you can code, you can code" during interview and didn't say anything more to find out my skills. I was hiring for a C++ job. I had been programming GUI in Python for about 10 years and have done C++ in the past. Been here about 5 years now doing mostly C++ GUI.
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    I was asked a few technical questions to make sure I had a clue, but no "write an algorithm" or demo projects.
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    I’m specialised in serverless, infrastructure as code development.
    The company I’ve been interviewing for works heavily with microservices. I’ve been downgraded to a mid level engineer from a senior level.
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    I think they should, but they should be done differently, I had a great experience with my current company when interviewing:

    They presented me with a project that was having an error and the question was "X feature in this service errors out, how would you fix this?"

    I spent around 5 minutes to solve the problem and after I was done they just said "You clearly know what you are doing, we use some of the tech that is not listed on your resume are you prepared to learn X, Y and Z for this role?" I said yes and that was it.
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    Forgot to add there were some "abstract" questions prior to this that they just wanted to see how would I approach things. I think senior roles interviews should put a bigger focus on this (assuming the person can code and learn new tech)
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    If you´re lucky you´ll only get a "sanity check"
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