suggestion for devRant

I'm posting them here so if others want they can flame me as they see fit.

- Please add the ability to customize which notifications to get and which rants to watch.

- Please move around options in profile and settings and for the love of God move the delete profile button. It's just behind the settings button so if you press settings and click again there's a chance you have clicked the delete button.

- Some of the app is using JS for navigation and other parts don't. Pagination can be done with JS. Seeing notifications too.

- I get that the app is designed this way to be displayed on mobile but for someone like me who uses the web app the small editor and it's huge font size and the big plus button are really annoying.

I love this place. I hope it gets better.

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    Thanks for he suggestions. We offer notification settings in settings where you can choose which to get.

    Also, "delete account" has a double confirmation :)
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