Got rejected by a company in Italy because in order to work for them remotely apparently I need to have Italian VISA. Tried to reason with them that I'm an EU citizen and I don't need a VISA but they wouldn't budge. Its either VISA or ASTALAVISTA

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    As a EU citizen you wouldn’t even be able to apply for a visa since it’s not required for you
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    @red-knot Tell that to the recruiter who finished only 10 grades in school and 80% of her working hours she's either drinking coffee, talking on the phone or doing her nails. I would had more chance getting that job by sending her a dickpick or a pic of my abs than sending my CV.
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    At first I thought you were referring to a VISA credit card... It wouldn't make sense either lol
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    @cafecortado Probably she was surprised that someone outside Italy applied for a remote job which probably was meant for people living in Italy. She needed to come up with a quick bs excuse and the VISA requirement was the only thing that chicken brain was able to come up with in a short amount of time.
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    Out of curiosity,do you speak Italian? I mean the ads/interview was in Italian?
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    Maybe, you sounded British...
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    @Oktokolo didnt sound like anything, we communicated only via chat and messages and also I sent her a CV. She wasnt able to read I guess
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    You can not easily work in another country than the one you are living, even inside eu, because of tax regulations. It's to complicated for most employers so she might be right although for the wrong reasons.
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    @horus I mean im specifically looking for remote contract positions. They will get an invoice that they will pay at the end of the month. VAT wont even be applied since Im not a VAT payer. Cant get simpler than that.

    Even if they are looking to hire directly someone in EU on a service provider contract it should be pretty easy, because there is anti double taxation laws and so on. Anyways shes a fckin recruiter she should care only about finding the best person....
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    Option A: tell them you have a visa and don't argue or explain the EU Citizen thingy

    Option B: apply for a VISA and fail maybe loses the job

    Option C: the princess is not in the castle mario. Search in another one
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    I would go for option A

    But I feel like the problem is not VISA, they probably don’t want to make wire transfer as money would be traceable
    They probably want to pay cash so they can do black work and use remote to avoid inspections and make people pay for computer and electricity…
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    @horus this.

    I was in talks with an italian company and I wanted to work remotely. Their tax regulations are so effed the cost of paying for me was too high with all the taxes.

    So I told them, let me invoice through the company I set up and let's make a B2B contract rather than an employee-employer contract.

    Because it is intra-EU, I can waive the VAT and get the full amount. Then I sort out the taxes on my side.
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    @MLPops ah, thank you for this story. I, personally, have zero intend to work abroad or remote but i find this stuff very interesting since a lot of ppl around me want to but never bother with those details.
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    @MLPops so if im EU based and work for other EU countries remotely as a dev I can waive VAT alltogether?
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    @topsecret230 only if you set up a company so that you can register your (company's) Tax ID on VIES, and your client (would be employer) has to be willing to employ you with a B2B contract.

    If you tell them they don't have to pay any taxes through that set up, they hire you faster in my experience
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    @MLPops nice, thanks! In my case I dont need a fully fledged company, individual business licence will do the trick
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    Its Italy.

    It literally is better to have good grade for english class in italian high school than having cambridge diploma for it as it doesn't mean sh1t to them.

    Also 301 on every corner, your problems are your own and everyone just redirects you to anyone else until you close the circle of people you visited. Then its: sorry can't help you!

    Talking from the experiences of a very close relative who was teching english in university in other country.

    Your experience is just italians being italians.
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