I tried being a manager or director or whatever... Can I go back to being a developer/programmer now?

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    Nope, the corporate ladder has spikes on it - you can't climb down
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    Sorry, but corporate doctrine sees switching from actually doing things to managing others actually doing things as progression in the same profession instead of being a sideways change of profession. So asking to become a dev again is like asking for a demote...

    It might actually work, but better start looking for greener pastures too.
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    What's the top three things you hate about it?

    What are the top three things you miss the most?
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    @jiraTicket but I didn't even agree on climbing it, they pushed and physics engine made a oopsie and now I'm at top...
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    sorry homie, if it makes you feel better, we both stuck on this shit :D

    Buuuuuut you could still attempt a senior engineer route
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    * Dealing with people who find ways and creative reasons to not do their work
    * Dealing with people who think they are experts and we should listen to them always

    Pretty much just these two
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    @jiraTicket Dealing with the spikes at the lower part of ladder is better than dealing with spikes at the top!
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    @AleCx04 wish me luck 🤞
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