Dev team: This part of the app has a shitty ux. We want to fix it after we finish this feature.
Business: hey guys we think we lack data so we got some users to check our page with shitty ux and see if they think it is shit
User: yeah it’s shit

Great use of resources you chucklefucks

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    When you clearly see the bone peeking out of your leg and the doctor tells you that yep that indeed is a broken leg. But you want a second opinion just to be sure...
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    But you have to admit they are at least trying to do some kind of tests.

    Other managers would have launched the service saying “let’s try this in production!”
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    I love when a something simple and efficient is shipped at launch, but through a series of revisions becomes complex and takes ages to load.

    Which leads to another series of revisions that return it to its launch state. Usually with the only change being something like font-size or a border-radius somewhere.
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    @rov3rand0m I agree with you there. If only they had listened to me 2 years ago when I asked them to do user interviews. Better late than ever I suppose!
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    Managers only listen to you when you say what they want to hear.
    Otherwise they iterate until they get what they they want.

    That’s why they want to replace programmers/engineers with condescending AI
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    Manager: ChatGPT, I command you to make me rich making an app that makes a lot of money!
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