I actually saw this right now from my radio which should display the time... Was able to go from 0 to 99 o'clock..

Someone messed up really bad

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    A day has 99 hrs on earth ....Jupiter has a day of 10 hrs only, lets go to Jupiter asap
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    Once, my alarm clock rang in the morning showing 6:66. Imagine how terrified I was.
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    @sam9669 waiting for SpaceX.... :)
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    Maybe it's upside down and it's really
    That's how time works?
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    @tnuhb Cheap radio controlled clock. It was set to 6:26, so it was one peculiar digit failing. At the moment I sleepily only saw something was very wrong. Just being waken by some electronic beeping isn't the best condition for immediate logical thinking either... The clock worked fine again after the incident.
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