A team member called me the worst manager he ever had. I felt really shitty about myself.

Managing people is not easy and it is not for everyone.

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    What have you done to deserve that? Can’t be too bad?
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    Maybe the other managers were just amazing and you're just great :)
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    Is he still your team member?

    Fact that you recognize you might have room for improvement says a lot. You may not be the best, but certainly can't be the worst. I've had a fair number of good and bad...very bad managers (see my rants)

    Sad to say, my current manager is in the top 3 of bad managers I've had, but mostly for polar opposite behavior. In no particular order...

    - He's the smartest guy in the room, he knows it, and not shy to 'flex that muscle'.

    - He barley speaks to me. When I try to converse like a grown up, its seems like he struggles to "talk down" to me. He has no trouble 'shooting the bull' with people at his level and above.

    - Often will passively ridicule my design decisions and on many occasions update projects because he feels his way is better. Is it better?...yea...but that's not the point.

    - Have about 10 other items, but running out of room, you get the idea.

    Be a servant to your team, put your people first, and you'll never go wrong.
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    How many other managers did he have?
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    Ask for more details. Find out where you are lacking and where they think you are doing wrong.

    It's feedback. Appreciate it. Far better than people suffering and quietly leaving
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    As others have said, ask for feedback. And if it's tough to take, or even if it's not actually, just say "Thank you". No need to give them a swift reply right there and then.
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    Although the finger pointing employee may be correct, it's my belief that fucked up people use any fucked up excuse to deflect blame from themselves.
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    A shit manager would not give it a second thought, you are obviously not one of those. Aknowledging that means you can eventually make someone say that you are the best manager they ever had. Work on it!
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    Thanks to all of you for the suggestions and support. It makes me happy and puts me in a better mood.

    I should have put the following in my original message, but missed.

    I think I handled the subsequent conversation calmly. Asked for explanations and reason which was given. I was also given the opportunity to explain my thoughts and reasoning.

    I was really glad it was brought up and we were able to have a constructive conversation around it. We ended it with a "Thank You".
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    @invisible I would say that if it resolved it self after that it was probably more a case of one of you having a bad day that triggered the comment than any real issue.

    Most of us have blurted out some nasty comment if we have had a shitty day and someone brings bad news or unwanted criticism (how ever warranted it might be)

    But handling calmly it is what a good manager does :)
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    you gotta be a sociopath to be a manager.
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