I hate OpenGL. I want to stab it in the face. I am not a math programmer.

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    Why not Vulkan? Asking out of curiosity, not malicious intent.
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    OpenGL WebGl and Vulkan for the win!

    Death and ignomy for DirectEggs! down with windows little lock in kingdom!

    Death to the eggbox/eggbone! Fuck Microsoft(as a dushbag lockin platform... their ide's and other frameworks are nice) long live freedom of choice!
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    I have considered the upgrade but I stick with OpenGL for now because:
    1. Vulkan will probably have a lot of changes coming in the near future
    2. There are not as many tutorials for vulkan as for OpenGL
    3. Vulkan is a lot harder than OpenGL if you dont know what you are doing. OpenGL still was somewhat intuitive but vulkan is just straight at the hardware and needs a lot of setting up to work

    At least that's the image I have right now. I still believe vulkan will be something worth to learn, but maybe in a year or so.
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    incidentally why not use some library to simplify things? or maybe a ready made game engine?

    though some math is inevitable... i am forced to figure out that shit too playing around with WebGL...

    (Yay! i managed to render out a textured cube yesterday Progress! (in angular2 with typescript... so it was tricky to set up...))
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    @stimulate vulkan gives more direct access to the hardware... not n00b stuff... really not something to tackle as a beginner or someone not obsessive about their math...

    But i love it when someone who knows what they are doing use it.... i get 145ish fps in doom4... i really hope wolfenstine new colosus will have that kind of performance...
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    @Zerq honestly I believe you have much more trouble with libraries than just with plain OpenGL (or maybe even vulkan) because you can get errors which you cannot explain much more easily. The library does so much for you so that you don't even know what it's doing. And when there is a problem you will have to figure out how it works anyways. frameworks just mask the complexity of the work to be done and make it more abstract.
    And seriously, OpenGL is not that hard once you find the reoccurrences of the patterns in the API. Though there might be no fast way to learn it..
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    If I was able to use tools to make it more easy then it would be fine. But I can't. The company I work for makes it very difficult to use anything modern or useful.
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    Thank you for the info!
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