Happened just now:
Client: Please remove this page from the site ASAP, and tell me when its done.
Me: Done
Client: what's wrong am getting an error code(404) when I click on the link.

Am not sure how to reply to that

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    It mean you done it perfectly.
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    Did you get the request to remove in writing?
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    bipolar client...
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    @Voxera yeah, its all on email, had to go back and read the original request one word at a time
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    Maybe he meant to show an empty page instead?
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    Send him a copy of RFC7231 *SCNR*
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    Ask him to define "remove". Maybe he's using some non-standard interpretation...
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    He just tried to recall his mail so I guess I don't have to reply.
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    Better remove link along with page. Don't show him a door which leads to nowhere.
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    Maybe you were supposed to redirected elsewhere, or make a real 404 page instead of "an error code"...
    Just sayin'
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    @-FLX he landed on a "real" 404 page.
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    You know, maybe he meant to delete the link itself? 😅
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    If a page is being removed, shouldn't all references to that page (hyperlinks or redirections) should also be removed from the site ?
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