Me: I'm gonna be productive today. Will complete this task in one hour!
*starts coding enthusiastically*
After two minutes...
*cat video*
*dog video*
Lol heheh!
*cute kittens n puppies*
Heh, silly cat
*more cats, dogs*
*accidentally notices the time*
Crap! 1.5 hours gone waste....

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    And repeat!
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    Used to do that as well! Now i quit Facebook and a lot of other social media and I'm literally sitting here wondering how i get distracted...
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    @linuxxx I either search for new releases (favourite artists) or do some research on privacy and security stuffs i think yeah
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    I just don't link my Facebook account to my work computer browser. Since I use FB for hacker news, tech crunch and a million other tech blogs as well as arguing with people on the internet, that cuts out 90% of my distractions.

    Beyond that the most distracting thing is people in the office, new updates from the team lead, new pull requests to approve and slack (also company only).
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    sudo vim /etc/hosts www.youtube.com youtube.com
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    Pretty much my university life
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