Did some contract negotiations with the company I work for a couple of months ago, when they offered me a promotion starting next month ... today I got the contract. Only one of the terms we have agreed is in the contract, of course that benefits them. No word about any promotion etc. Wrote to the guy in charge today but no answer so far. Should I just abandon ship or am I just to worried?

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    No, but you shouldn't sign either. You just have to negociate further intil you have everything you want or find acceptable. Just ping them again, and it will be fine.
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    @NeatNerdPrime hope you are right. I put a lot of work in for this company. But when things like this happen I wonder if they really appreciate the work me and all the other devs put in.
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    @kjone most big companies do not realise how much work is done under the hood. You need to educate them. And do not sign the unfair contract!
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    @LMtx true... the problem is that it is a rather small company ... around 20 people ... and i slowly get the feeling that the marketing and sales teams are considered class 1 employees ... they get plenty of benefits (ex. flexible for schedule) and devs class 2 as we are expected to always go the extra mile to deliver plenty of unrealistic goals even in free time and it is considered as a default expactation
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