Holy shit sometimes I hate my job. Current assignment: translate a C++ COM class to C#. Requirement: interface should not change. I ask the other team using this interface to ask me any questions so I can address their concerns. First FUCKING thing they ask for: a diagram explaining how to access the interface. For. Fuck. Sake. The goddamn thing is not changing. At all. I have said that to every stakeholder every time. It's a changed reference and a tweak to some calls to make them .Net calls. Why am I redocumenting something that was documented years ago?

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    Can't just Dllimport and wash your hands of it?
    You have my condolences.
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    @mhudson that's how we were doing it but it was causing some instability. Right now I am just translating the COM object and tying it to OpenGL. If they want to redo the whole thing the group that uses it the most should do it, but nobody listens.
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